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Welcome to my blog!

I’m an undergraduate studying classical composition at UC Berkeley. My compositional style is (and continues to be) shaped by many different elements, ideas, and musical periods, including extended techniques, microtones, spectralism, non-Western traditions, Late and Neo-Romanticism, and dodecaphony. (If some or all of the terms I mentioned are alien to you, don’t worry! The jargon of classical music can be difficult to understand at first, but it’s not hard to learn.)

Over a period of a few hundred years, only a small number of Western classical composers have made it to the musical “mainstream”. Hundreds of accomplished composers, whose works rival those of Bach, Chopin, Ravel or Dvořák or took a new direction in music, have fallen through the cracks of time, known only within their home countries or considered mere footnotes in musical history.

My blog is focused on these underappreciated composers and their contributions to music. Although I may discuss small amounts of music theory in posts, I aim to focus on biographical and historical details; I hope both musicians and non-musicians will find them accessible and educational.

New music for the 21st century

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