“The whispering voice of water” for alto flute


Full score, 10 pages, duration ca. 10-11 min.


Full score, 10 pages, duration ca. 10-11 min.

Written for and premiered by Sarah Brady as part of the 2020 Cortona Sessions for New Music. Score video available here

Whether it be the tides of the Pacific Ocean, the roar of the waterfall Dettifoss in Iceland, or the serenity of the Amazon River, large bodies of water are treasured in every culture. Yet there is also beauty in water in its smaller forms – a small stream, a tiny trickle, or even simply a drop – which help create these aquatic wonders of the world. “The whispering voice of water” is a celebration of these smaller forms; beginning from a single note bordered by silence, the piece evolves into a stream of pitches spanning the full range of the alto flute.