Where Mist Meets Water for string quartet (2021)

Memories of a Redwood Tree for solo cello (2021)

Blumen for solo violin (2021)

Light seeps into a sheltered cove for tenor sax (2021)

Silent Shores for oboe and harp (2021)

Katcheri for chamber orchestra and fixed media (2020)

Angles of Light for harp (2020)

Untitled soundscape for fixed media (2020)

The whispering voice of water for alto flute (2020)

Asperities for clarinet (2019)

Vanishing Wind for low haegeum (2019)

Forward for orchestra (2019)

Evanescence for 10 players (2019)

Batrachoi for cello quartet and recorded audio (2019)

Lamentations for viola (2019)

Poème mécanique for English horn (2019)

Elegy for 4 or more strings (2018)

New music for the 21st century

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